Air Cadet Communicator Badges

Traditionally radio communications in the Air Cadets was limited purely to using voice, but it became clear that with advances of computing in communications that specialist training was required. The Air Cadet Communicator Badge was therefore devised and encompasses various modules from satellite and data communications to Internet design and technical radio skills.


alt Bronze Badge  silver 
Basic Operator, Blue Badge. Radio Operator, Bronze Badge. Communicator, Silver Badge.

First Class Basic Radio Comms (Logbook)

Basic Cyber Awareness Video

Basic Radio Operator On-Air Assessment with WRCO



Blue Badge Holder

Radio Operator(Bronze)
Voice Procedure Course

Radio Operator
(Bronze) On-Air Assessment
or Multi-Choice Assessment



gold full gold


•  ACP31 Vol 6 "Communications   

•  VHF/UHF Operator's Certificate  

•  Data Communications

•  HF Operator's Certificate

•  ACP35 Vol 3 "Advanced Radio & Radar

•  ACP35 Vol 4 "Advanced Satellite Comms

•  Internet Communications

•  HF Listener's Certificate

•  Practical Exercises taken from ACP44


Step 1 : Get a log sheet from ACP44 AL2 and fill in Click Here.

Step 2 : Select Six of the modules to complete (Must include the compulsory ones).





Provisional Course February 2014

Provisional VHF Course February 2014 Held at 485 Squadron HQ